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Set in the Drow trade city of Xun’Koroth. It is a trade hub between its’ Drow mother city of Loross Feyr and other underdark cities and settlements. Xun’Koroth is ruled by the drow houses of Loross Feyr, but the population of Xun is extremely mixed. Various underdark races have “permanent” dwellings/houses, or dominate sections of the city. All of the races are subject to the rules and whims of their Drow overlords. Surface races are also somewhat common in the city. Xun’Koroth is known to some surface dwellers and they are free to trade and live within the city, as long as they obey the city’s ways and stay out of trouble. Even the despised surface elves can walk the city’s streets and manage to survive in the face of the Drow’s venomous hatred.

Duergar, many from their nearby city of Golomosh, are common in Xun’Koroth and have a large section of the city mainly populated by themselves.

There is a large area of the city that contains Goblinoid settlements; bugbear,hobgoblin, and goblin tribes/clans live here, though often not in harmony with each other.

Orc tribes also have a small part of the city that they dwell in.

One section of the city is ruled and populated by undead. Dead bodies are often left here to keep the undead from venturing out of this area too much. Often people are brought here and left as punishment, or amusement. Ghouls are the most common inhabitants, but drow necromancers and powerful undead are the unofficial rulers.

Home Page

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