Prestige Points

Exceptional people do exceptional things. Prestige points are not simply given, they are earned by doing and achieving extraordinary things. PC’s start with 1 prestige point and may gain more during their adventures. Prestige Points are kept until used, but 1 point is lost whenever a PC falls under 0 HP, and 2 are lost upon death. Prestige Points can not go into negative numbers. One Prestige Point may be awarded point per instance.

Players gain 1 Prestige point when they level, and may also gain them in a variety of ways:
-rolling natural 20 in a vital situation, most combats and npc interactions are not vital (unless DEATH is on the line! ex: at 1 hp or stopping sure death)

-exceptional role-play/hilarity of character behavior (well played personality, everyone laughing)

-accomplishing important character goals (ex. finally finding an item, finishing a important personal quest)

-out doing other PC’s in their area of expertise (a fighter beating a wizard at a spellcraft check)

-defeating/overcoming an enemy/obstacle significantly greater/too difficult for you (CR at least 2 above yours, winning a land war in Asia)

Prestige Points can be used as free actions at any time. They can be used in the same ways as Action points, and may be used more than once a round. Prestige Points may also be used to give encounter benefits and permanent benefits.

Encounter Benefits:
-inflict max damage with a non-spell melee/range attack. 1 point
-receive minimum damage from a non-spell melee/range attack. 1 point
-auto confirm a critical hit. 1 point
-auto win Initiative. 1 point
-gain temporary knowledge to cast one unknown spell this round (of appropriate level). 1 point
-gain temporary ability to recast a previously used spell at no spell cost this round. 1 point
-survive a killing blow (reduced to 1 hp instead of negative). 1 point

Permanent Benefits:
-when gaining a level count hp roll as max. 1 point
-gain a skill point. 1 point
-gain a feat you qualify for. 6 points (may only be bought twice)
-raise an ability score 2 points; cost equal to current ability score bonus, always costs at least 1 point. Ex. str 14(2 bonus) to str 16 is 2 points, str 26(8 bonus) to str 28 is 8 points.

Prestige Points

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