Greater Powers
Portfolio Name/Title Alignment
1. Elemental Air, Flying creatures Akadi/Lady of the Winds Neutral
2. Evil Beasts/Monsters Malar/Beastlord Chaotic Evil
3. Death, the Dead Death Lawful Neutral
4. Elemental Earth Grumbar/Earthlord Neutral
5. Elemental Fire Kossuth/Firelord Neutral
6. Goodness, Righteousness Paladinas Lawful Good
7. Justice, Law Justinus Lawful Neutral
8. Life, Vitality Lexunus Chaotic Good
9. Love, Beauty Sune Chaotic Good
10. Magic Nerene Chaotic Good
11. Nature, Summer, Agriculture Serena Neutral Good
12. Storms/Natural Disasters Talos/The Destroyer Chaotic Evil
13. Sun, Spring Lathander/Morninglord Neutral Good
14. Undead Na’sr/Black Sun Chaotic Evil
15. War, Battle Tempus Chaotic Neutral
16. Elemental Water Itishia Neutral

Intermediate Powers
1. Assassins/Mercenaries Klatror Neutral Evil
2. Conjuration/Necromancy Arioch Chaotic Evil
3. Evil Dragons Takhisis/Darklady Lawful Evil
4. Good Dragons Paladine/Platinum Dragon Lawful Good
5. Famine, Disease Nephestus Chaotic Evil
6. Guarding/Protection Helm Lawful Neutral
7. Hatred/Vengeance Ventred Neutral Evil
8. Animals/Hunting Artemis Neutral
9. Knowledge Thoth Lawful Neutral
10. Luck, Gambling Alicia Chaotic Neutral
11. Lycanthropes Anubis Chaotic Neutral
12. Darkness, Moon Shar/Midnight Lawful Evil
13. The North, Snow, Cold Cian/Frostmaiden Neutral Evil
14. Intrigue, Rogues Shroud Neutral Evil
15. Weapon Skill, Perfection Demitri Neutral Good
16. Thunder Thor Chaotic Good

Lesser Powers
1. Battle, Bloodlust Draxus Chaotic Evil
2. Blacksmiths, Forging Hephaestus Neutral
3. Deserts, Heat Sirocco Lawful Evil
4. Invention, Crafts Gond Neutral
5. Life, Nature Kwannon Chaotic Good
6. Love, Fertility Freya Neutral Good
7. Love, Beauty Aphrodite Chaotic Good
8. Loyalty, Bravery Geb Lawful Neutral
9. Merchants, Money Kokrihn Lawful Evil
10. Music, Bards Kuan Yin Neutral Good
11. Nature, Animals Ki Neutral
12. Oceans, Rivers Jasmine Chaotic Good
13. Pain, Poison Loviatar Lawful Evil
14. Underdark Arawn Neutral Evil
15. War, Love Inanna Lawful Evil
16. Waterfalls, Druids Eldath Neutral Good
17. Wisdom, Combat Athena Lawful Good

Demi Powers
1. Dreams Al’Rashid Chaotic Neutral
2. Evil, Night Set Lawful Evil
3. Humor Go-Go Chaotic Neutral
4. Magic, Fertility Isis Neutral Good
5. Monks, Unarmed Fighting Surma Lawful Neutral
6. Mountains, Sky Meguria Neutral Good
7. Retribution Horus Lawful Neutral
8. Sea Animals Circe Chaotic Good
9. Sea Monsters Kulervo Neutral Evil
10. Strength Heracles Chaotic Neutral
11. Thunder, Lightning Raiden Neutral
12. Battle Skill/Weapon Excellence Sif Chaotic Good
13. Wine Dionysus Chaotic Neutral


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