Drow Noble Houses

1st House Sinafay; insignia of a 6-armed drow female with weapons in each hand
Controls the Temple of Lloth, the most important and powerful entity in Xun’koroth. The House has been in power for about a thousand years, and shows no sign of ending its’ reign.

2nd House Na’saad; insignia of an Umber Hulk head wearing a collar
Known for its’ large amount of slaves, especially the monsters it has enslaved.

3rd House Tir’in; insignia of a kukri splitting the sun
Known for its’ large amount of magic-users compared to other Houses, and its’ close ties to the Nul’Solarr Institute. This House has little concern for increasing its’ political power, preferring to invest in magical research more than moving up in rank. It does dislike the 4th house though, and will sabotage their efforts to gain power.

4th House Atendri; insignia of a pair of fangs dripping poison
Known to have a large military, but small amount of magic-users compared to other Houses. It is also known for the widespread use of poison among its’ Drow.

5th House Drogas; insignia of two black arrows crossed in an X over a sword

6th House Orvinato; insignia of a arrow piercing the front of a skull

7th House Ali’Cavniss; insignia of a horizontal laying skull half covered in sand

8th House Gadac; insignia of a spider sitting atop a cracked skull

9th House Largozan; insignia of a scorpion stinger dripping blood

10th House Azrinae; insignia of twin swords atop a spiderweb

11th House Karvasi; insignia of a drow female face wearing a cowboy hat and bandanna mask

12th House Go’Zarian; insignia of a wailing drow banshee

Drow Noble Houses

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