Dragon Armor


Armor made from the scales of Adult and older dragons can have increased the strength and durability compared to armor made from other materials, when crafted properly. Very few Armorsmiths know how to craft Dragon Armor, and most do not like to share the secret.

Each age category above Young Adult(5 out of 12) increases the armor bonus of the suit by 1. Light armor can have a maximum increase of 3 points of armor (Old age max, 8 out of 12). Medium armor up to 5, while Heavy armor can have up to 7 (Great wyrm, 12 out of 12).

Shields may be Dragon Armor as well, but to a smaller number increase. A light or heavy shield may be increased by 1, if made from a dragon of at least Mature Adult age (7 out of 12). A heavy shield may be increased by 2, if made from a dragon of at least Very Old age (9 out of 12).

If the Dragon Armor comes from a dragon that has immunity to an energy type, the armor is also immune to that energy type, though it does not give any protection to the wearer. If the armor is later enchanted to give energy protection to its wearer, the enchant cost is reduced 40%.

Dragon Armor cost depends on the armor bonus increase and type of armor. Light armor and Shields costs 3k gold per point of increase, Medium 4k gold per, and Heavy 5k gold.

Armor normally made from wood or leather now made into Dragon armor has the hit points and hardness of steel. Armor normally made from steel now has the hit points and hardness of Adamantine (40 hp/ 20 hardness). Dragon Armor is always of masterwork quality. The amount of scales needed to produce the armor is the same as Dragonhide.


Dragon Armor

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