Arise, Chicken! Chicken, Arise!

Entropy the Beginning

In my wanderings I found myself hired into a group of mercs/adventurers looking to assist a surface-world ranger camp. A simple enough task until we found ourselves lost on the way to said camp, either by ineptitude or the the forces of chaos having it’s way with us. After 5 days of travel, on top of the 3 days it was supposed to take, we finally reached our destination. Directed to Takra the Adept, we found the details of our task and headed out towards the cave.

Luckily, for us all, the cave was located near a road, not too far away from camp. It took quite a bit of muscle and endurance to clear the cave of undead and Duergar, but we “managed.” Finding ourselves amongst the ranger’s once more, we sought our payment from Takra. Along with gold, we received an odd potion… a potion that seems to have allowed us to will strength into a single attribute. I fully intend to suckle this proverbial teat when ever I get the chance. (Not Takra’s teats… her potions)



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